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January Jump-start Success Stories


Lisa's Wake-up Call

Lisa Fernandez.jpg

Lisa Fernandez
Insurance Compliance Auditor at Kentucky Workers' Compensation Funding Commission

I have been “working” out for the past 4 years at my gym and would lose some weight and slowly gain it back. All the while thinking to myself that I was healthy. The diets that I did were what everyone else was doing, and the accountability would help, but then you think or someone would say, “Oh come on. One bite won’t hurt.” On the other hand, I would say/hear, “Just one time won’t hurt.” Well, those one times would become a few more and then it would be a thought process that I was controlling the old eating habits.

My father passed this year, I had experienced other losses and the grief, and all of this hurting of my heart was not helping my journey to get healthy. My wake-up call was when I realized that I was putting together a picture album for my dad’s family gathering and could not find any pictures of him and me for the past 15 years. I hate to see myself in pictures, so I just avoid them. Everyone knows that I never get in pics if possible. Therefore, one day on Facebook, I saw a picture of a friend of mine that lost a lot of weight in just 4 months. She described how she did it through diet and exercise, and it sounded like just what I needed. I had to do something to get in shape and get back in pictures again. So, since I have challenged myself to do better. I joined all of the diet and workout challenges that I felt worked for me. I got two puppies and they require lots of exercise and training too. I have gone down dress sizes since February and I am still on my journey to be lower than I have in the last 15 years.


Dear Program that Keeps my Rear in Gear

Erin Core-Stine
Teacher at Walton-Verona High School

This was my first time joining a team for a challenge. Participating in the Regional Rumble has helped keep me more focused on my goal of more walking each day. It has been a fun way to feel connected with my coworkers and other people in my region while keeping myself a little healthier by reinforcing a good habit.

Thanks for the opportunity.


Pushing for the Steps


Brittany Fogle
Senior Support Service Associate at Anderson County Health Department

I have always loved to exercise and challenge myself. Having this step challenge has made me really want to push myself to get as many possible steps in a day, not to compete against someone else or another region (YES that too) but to compete against ME! I am not only just walking to get in my steps, I am really pushing myself and running. I even picked up a running buddy so we push each other and hold each other accountable!  We LOVE it!



Keep the challenges coming!

Chastity Stobaugh
Deputy Clerk at Warren Circuit Court

I am a competitor…always have been. I like the challenges because they allow me to compete against others, but also myself. It makes me accountable and want to step up literally. I hope you continue the challenges and add even more of the regional, county/agency type would be great. Thanks for all you do and keep the challenges coming!!!


Hiking a trail


Shane Bennett
Legislative Assistant at Legislative Research Commission

Thank goodness for the Livingwell website, Go365 folks, and my agency’s onsite wellness initiative, because I have spent many years struggling with my health. I have no delusions about how long my journey will be, but I feel empowered with the resources I have and feel proud of the progress I’ve made. I am within 20 pounds of my absolute goal weight and feeling better all the time!

How have I done it? Well, for me, fitness had to be the foundation of my day in order for me to choose healthy options all day. But, the logistics of my job got in the way and I found it hard to always maintain a healthy lifestyle at work. I found desk exercises, workout videos and stretch apps to allow me to squeeze wellness in anywhere. My latest and greatest discovery is virtual running videos on youtube! Yes, with just a couple of clicks of a button I can be hiking the Grand Canyon or a foggy forest in Asia! I love this option for rainy or cold days when I can’t get out and do my running/walking. This saves me a gym membership and allows me to bring my family along with me. The picture is of me hiking a trail near a creek and waterfall in some beautiful and remote area. The videos are different lengths and feature soothing natural or musical sounds. This truly lets me bring wellness with me EVERYWHERE!


Love getting my steps in!

Alexis Bigham
Health Educator at Barren River District Health Department

I love step challenges – especially this one where I am challenging all of our local employees! Checking in with my steps and seeing that others have more than me, motivates me to get more. Not only is it motivation by seeing others steps, but I feel better on the days that I get at least 10,000 steps, so that is what I strive for as my minimum every day. I am a competitive person and knowing others are doing better is my biggest motivator! I didn’t realize how few steps I got in a day until I started wearing my Garmin tracker, thanks to Go365. Love getting my steps in!


Walking the pounds away


Jennifer Jeanne McFadden
7th Grade History Teacher at Daviess County Public Schools

For many years, I have let myself go. I gained more weight each year and as a result I’ve gotten more, and more sedentary. I had little energy to do more than work and return to lie on couch until bedtime. When my husband’s company changed insurance requirements for spouses this past year, I took state employee insurance at school for the first time. I decided to purchase a Fitbit to log my steps, in hopes of earning a few giftcards. My daughter and I planned to take a trip together to NYC at the end of June. Because she is much taller and younger than me, I was determined not to let my age and being severely out of shape, keep me from walking as much as possible while in the Big Apple! I began walking and stretching daily and alternating this with riding my bike in my neighborhood. In the beginning, I could only walk very little before my calves and hips cramped terribly. I began stretching before and after my walks/bike riding and it really helped. I’m happy to say I was completely able to walk up to 16,000 steps a day while in NYC and didn’t get sore as a result! I have continued trying to keep active by purchasing a new mountain bike for trail riding along with a new pleasure bike for the neighborhood. I feel better than I have in a long time. I’ve lost about 20 pounds since last year and hope to lose more.