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Stepping for Silver Success Story Winner - Carol Coleman

As a health advocate and stroke survivor of 19 years, the step challenges through Go365 have encouraged me to be healthier by motivating me because I am a natural competitor. Because of my desire to win and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the step challenges push me to walk on breaks and lunch while at work in addition to extra workouts at home in order to get as many steps in as possible. I am fortunate to work with people that are also health conscientious and competitive in nature. This has not only encouraged me to initiate and participate in as many step challenges as possible but has also allowed me the opportunity to meet and get to know people in my organization outside of my department. The step challenges between co-workers and myself have brought friendly competition and fun into the office, and I look forward to seeing people in the challenges at work so that we can compare steps and push each other to walk more. The step challenges are not just limited to work. Friends and family also participate in step challenges with me so I am constantly on the go trying to outdo them. I have a husband and two sons so I strive to be my healthiest for them too. Gooo365!!!