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 Go365 National Step Tournament

Go365 is starting the first National Step Tournament and Kentucky Employees' Health Plan Members can participate!

What is it?  It is a step challenge in which various Go365 Employer Groups can compete against each other for the highest team average step count.

Kentucky Employees' Health Plan (KEHP) members will register as one team titled "Commonwealth of Kentucky."

The winning teams will get:

          • A donation to their local chapter of Feeding America in their name.
          • Assistance with a press release in regards to the donation.
          • A teardrop award.
          • Bragging rights!

The donations will be as follows:

          • 2,326 meals donated in each company's name that advances to Round 2.
          • 6,500 meals donated in each company's name that advances to Round 3.
          • Top 3 teams from each division will receive additional donations in their name:
            -First place: 50,000 Meals
            -Second place: 25,000 Meals
            -Third place: 10,000 Meals

How does it work?

The tournament will be completed in three rounds. As the rounds complete, a certain number of companies in each division will continue on to the next round in a "knock out" style tournament.

Go365 National Step Challenge FAQ


How to join the challenge

Go365 Mall Offerings

Exciting news about the Go365 mall offerings! Go365 is adding Amazon Prime and Amazon Audible membership codes to the Go365 Mall.

More about Amazon Prime

          • Amazon Prime gives members access to free two-day delivery (one-day in select areas), streaming movies, TV shows and music, exclusive shopping deals and selection, photo storage, and more!
          • Bucks price for an Amazon Prime membership code: 9,900 Bucks.
          • Each code is for a 1-year membership.
          • Note the Bucks price will be increasing to 12,900 Bucks within the next month or two as Amazon recently changed their price. We’ll offer the lower price for as long as they’re in stock since we made the first purchase of codes prior to the increase in price by Amazon.
          • If members are already a Prime member, they can use the code they get from Go365 to extend their current Prime membership for another year after their current Prime membership expires.

More about Amazon Audible

          • Gold Gift Membership can be redeemed toward hundreds of thousands of titles at and each month you can select one title from Audible’s catalog of hundreds of thousands of titles.
          • Bucks price for an Gold Gift Membership code: 4,500 Bucks.
          • Each code is for 3-month membership.
          • If members are an existing Audible customer with an active membership plan, upon redemption, they will receive audiobook credits in an amount equal to the number of months of the applicable gift membership.

Login to Go365 to start shopping.

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