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Biometric Screening

Complete a biometric screening to learn your current health status; blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, and body-mass index. The quick and easy screening is provided at no cost to you* and is offered at a number of convenient locations.  You can earn up to 4,000 points!  Depending on the location you choose, you might need to print the applicable form to take to your appointment. 
* If you choose to use your primary care physician (PCP), copay and lab fees may apply.

It is recommended to fast at least nine hours prior to the screening.

Have your member ID card present with you at the appointment or event. You can also access your member ID in the Go365 App, located in Acounts & Settings.​

In order to know what to expect from your biometric screening view the brochure which you will receive when you complete your screening.

For an explanation of your biometric screening points please click here.

Click on the tabs below to locate the required biometric screening form for the location of your choice.


Kroger Little Clinics or Walgreens Healthcare Clinics

In order to receive the biometric screening at no cost to you and ensure that your results will be sent to Go365, you will need to take the appropriate form to the biometric screening along with your photo ID and Go365 card. If you don't have a Go365 card, you can access it online or on the Go365 app. The form is available at Go365.  Click on "Activities" in the blue menu bar at the top. Next, click on the "Prevention" category. Locate the tile for "biometric screening" and click "view details". Locate the screening location of your choice and print the corresponding form.

If you need help logging into your Go365 account, contact customer service at 1.855.478.1623.

Health Departments

Some Health Departments accept walk-in biometric screenings at their facilities, others do not have the equipment onsite to accommodate this. Please contact your Health Department via phone before your visit to ensure the location offers walk-in biometric screenings. If your Health Department does provide walk-in screenings, take your photo ID and Go365 ID card with you to the screening. Many Health Departments will travel to your worksite for a biometric screening day. Find your Go365 Regional Engagement Consultant​ here​ to set up a biometric screening event at your worksite.

LivingWell Health Clinics

LivingWell Health Clinics are located in Frankfort for state employees. Take your photo ID and Go365 ID card to the clinic. Biometrics screening appointments are limited so please call the clinic near you to schedule your appointment. For clinic locations and phone numbers, click here. Please do not use the online scheduling system for your biometric screening appointment. There is no fee for this service and the clinic will send the results to Go365.

Primary Care Physician (PCP)

You may choose to have your physician perform the screening; however member co-pay and lab fees may apply.  Print the Physician Biometric Screening Voucher to take to your visit. You or the physician will need this complete this form and submit to Go365 to receive biometric screening credit (simply having bloodwork completed at your PCP WILL NOT count as a completed biometric screening without proper submission of the form). 

Regional Events

Free biometric screenings are planned at different locations across the state. You can get your biometric screening at any of these locations.   Click here to find a screening near you.

Worksite Screenings

Check with your Wellness Champ about any upcoming biometric screenings scheduled at your worksite. If you are a Wellness Champ interested in coordinating an onsite event at your worksite, please contact your regional Go365 Engagement Consultant. This service will be provided free to KEHP members and results will be sent to Go365. .

Biometric Screening Events

Free biometric screenings are planned at different locations across the state. Click here to find a location near you. This service will be provided free to KEHP members and results will be sent to Go365.


Biometric Screening Locator

Use the map below to find a location near you. Once you find a location, select it to display the location name, address and contact information. You can also search by title, zip or even phone number. 


​801 Westlake Drive, Columbia, ​KY


Point (-85.2951352 37.0964227)42728270.384.2286

107 N COURT ST Scottsville KY

Point (-86.196 36.7794)42164270.237.4423

​198 Bluegrass Drive, LaCenter, KY


Point (-88.9915 37.1019)42059270.665.5432

1109 State Street​

Point (-86.4437 36.9906)42102270.781.8039

​68 Oberline Street, Owingsville, KY


Point (-83.7606 38.1723)40360606.674.2731

​207 East Locust,310 S. Cherry St.,Pineville,KY

Point (-83.6911 36.7417)40977606.337.7046

​8193 Mall Rd., Florence, KY

Point (-84.6517 38.997)41042866.825.3227

​234 Eastbrooke Pkwy., Mt. Washington, KY

Point (-85.559 38.0404)40047502.538.3050

341 E. Main Street, Paris, KY

Point (-84.2400291 38.2180017)40361859.987.1915

​2924 Holt St., Ashland, KY

Point (-82.6532 38.4744)41101606.324.7181

​448 S. Third S., Danville, KY

Point (-84.8123 37.6324)40422859.236.2053

​429 Frankfort Street, Brooksville, KY

Point (-84.0942 38.6516)41004606.735.2157

220 Hardin Street, Hardinsburg, KY 40143

Point (-86.459357 37.780353)41043270.756.5121

​181 Lees Valley Road, Shepherdsville, KY

Point (-85.6645 37.9787)40165502.543.2415

​234 Eastbrooke Pkwy., Mt. Washington, KY

Point (-85.559 38.0404)40047502.538.3050

​600 South Jefferson Street, Princeton, KY

Point (-87.88674 37.10157)42445270-365-6571

602 Memory Lane, Murray, KY

Point (-88.3046359 36.6013122)42071270.753.3381

​2840 Alexandria Pike,  Highland Heights, KY

Point (-84.4405 39.0173)41076866.825.3227

​130 Pavilion Drive, Newport, KY

Point (-84.4814 39.0726)41071859.652.7203

​375 Crossroads Blvd., Cold Spring, KY

Point (-84.4405 39.0173)41706859.957.1531

​62 John Roberts Drive, Bardwell, KY

Point (-89.0455 36.8631)42023270.628.5431

​199 Adams Street, Liberty, KY

Point (-84.9882 37.3141)42539606.787.6911

1700 Canton Street, Hopkinsville, KY

Point (-87.4597 36.8832)42240270.887.4160

​400 Professional Ave, Winchester, KY

Point (-84.1467 37.9696)40391859.744.4482

​330 Shamrock Rd., Manchester, KY

Point (-83.7537 37.1101)40962

​201 Medical Arts, Albany, KY

Point (-85.1287 36.6815)42602606.387.5711

​4870 Crittendon Drive, Louisville, KY

Point (-85.7518 38.1927)40209502.361.0606

​190 Industrial Drive, Marion, KY

Point (-88.08869 37.31551)42064270-965-5215

​226 Copper Lane, Burkesville, KY

Point (-85.3312 36.7332)42717270.864.2206

​1600 Breckenridge, Owensboro, KY

Point (-87.0519 37.762)42303270.686.7744

​650 Newton Pike, Lexington, KY

Point (-84.5009 38.0504)40508859.288.2483

​3101 Richmond Rd., Lexington, KY

Point (-84.4842 38.0142)40502859.268.9866

​1650 Bryan Station Rd., Lexington, KY

Point (-84.4733 38.1367)40581859.977.2096

​4101 Tates Creek Centre Drive, Lexington, KY

Point (-84.4889 37.9839)40517859.977.2008

​500 Mero St., Frankfort, KY

Point (-84.8175 38.2131)40602502.564.3444

​194 Windsor Rd., Flemingsburg, KY

Point (-83.6931 38.436)41041606.845.6511

​283 Goble Street, Prestonsburg, KY

Point (-82.8256 37.6405)41653606.886.2788

​100 Glenns Creek Rd., Frankfort, KY

Point (-84.9741 38.2128)40601502.564.7647

​275 E. Main St., Frankfort, KY

Point (-84.9741 38.2128)40601502.564.5555

​702 Capital Ave., Frankfort, KY

Point (-84.9741 38.2128)40601502.564.3333

​200 Mero St., Frankfort, KY

Point (-84.8737295 38.2016014)40601502.564.4444

350 Browder Street, Fulton, KY​

Point (-88.9261 36.5506)42041270.472.1982

​402 Troy Avenue, Hickman, KY

Point (-89.2349 36.5557)42050270.236.2825

​89 Farra Dr., Lancaster, KY

Point (-84.5796 37.6716)40444859.792.2153

​416 Central Ave., Mayfield, KY

Point (-88.6867 36.7237)42066270.247.3633

​220 Industrial Park, Greensburg, KY

Point (-85.5358 37.2331)42743270.932.4341

​806 Seaton Ave, Greenup, KY

Point (-82.9452 38.5266)41144606.473.9838

​175 Harrison Street, Hawesville, KY

Point (-86.7635 37.8331)42348270.927.8803

​111 Towne Drive, Elizabethtown, KY

Point (-85.8419 37.7021)42701270.765.3488

​402 East Clover St., Harlan, KY

Point (-83.296 36.8538)40831

​472 Klutey Park Plaza, Henderson, KY

Point (-87.5187 37.7942)42420270.826.3951

370 South Washington Street​, Clinton, KY

Point (-88.9572 36.6807)42031270.653.6110

​412 North Kentucky Avenue

Point (-87.464 37.3245)42431270.821.5242

​U.S. 421, McKee, KY

Point (-84.0227 37.4446)40447606.287.8421

​2800 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy., Louisville, KY​

Point (-85.6178 38.2148)40220866.825.3227

​4240 Shelbyville Rd., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.6555 38.2614)40207866.825.3227

​2021 Hikes Ln., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.7498 38.2536)40218866.825.3227

​12101 Shelbyville Rd., Middletown, KY

Point (-85.5324 38.24)40243866.825.3227

​5100 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY

Point (-85.8362 38.1891)40216866.825.3227

​5201 S. 3rd. St., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.7812 38.1525)40214866.825.3227

​5533 New Cut Rd., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.7812 38.1525)40214502.364.2770

​9080 Taylorsville Rd., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.5084 38.1588)40299502.499.9998

​3039 Breckenridge Ln., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.6178 38.2148)40220502.451.4555

​2440 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.6864 38.2231)40205502.632.0984

​279 N. Hubbards Ln., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.6555 38.2614)40207502.618.8058

​2219 Holiday Manor, Louisville, KY

Point (-85.6161 38.2685)40222502.813.3220

​12450 LaGrange Rd., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.5795 38.3046)40241502.638.4783

​9440 Brownsboro Rd., Louisville, KY

Point (-85.5795 38.3046)40241502.618.8317

​210 East Walnut Street, Nicholasville, KY

Point (-84.5699 37.8761)40356859.885.4149

​1825 Airport Exchange Blvd., Erlanger, KY

Point (-84.607 39.017)41018859.647.6228

​606 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs, KY

Point (-84.5635 39.0279)41017866.825.3227

​261 Hospital Drive, Barbourville, KY

Point (-83.9507 36.865)40906606.546.3486

525 Whitley Street

Point (-84.1274 37.1333)40741606.864.5187

 1080 Meadowbrook Lane, Louisa, KY

Point (-82.5857 37.9848)41230606.638.4389

124 State Street, Smithland, KY

Point (-88.3656 37.1328)42081270.928.2193

​211 West Fairview Avenue, Eddyville, KY

Point (-88.0159 37.0504)42038270.388.9763

890 Richmond Plaza, Richmond, KY

Point (-84.3053 37.7632)40475859.623.5155

307 East 12th Street, Benton, KY​

Point (-88.361 36.8777)42025270.527.1496

130 East Second Street, Maysville, KY​

Point (-83.7789 38.585)41056606.564.9447

916 Kentucky Avenue, Paducah KY

Point (-88.583 37.0015)42003270.444.9625

​119 Medical Lane, Whitley City, KY

Point (-84.432 36.7529)42653606.376.2412

​200 Highway 81 North, Calhoun, KY

Point (-87.2974 37.5866)42327270.273.3062

1919 Main Street, Frenchburg, KY 

Point (-83.6173 37.9536)40322606.768.2151

900 College Street, Harrodsburg, KY​

Point (-84.8966 37.7856)40330859.734.4522

117 Civic Center, Mt. Sterling, KY​

Point (-83.9424 38.0657)40353859.498.3808

493 Riverside Drive, West Liberty, KY

Point (-83.2694 37.937)41472 606.743.3744

​610 Medical Village Dr.

Point (-84.5635 39.0279)41017859.363.2006

1336 Clay Street, Hartford, KY​

Point (-86.9275 37.4986)42347270.298.3663

1786 Commerce Parkway, LaGrange, KY​

Point (-85.3908 38.4225)40031502.222.3516

​208 Outlet Avenue, Eddyville, KY

Point (-88.0159 37.0504)42038270.388.7749
25320 US Highway 119 N,  Belfry, KY
Point (-82.2603 37.632)41514606.353.7210

119 River Road​

Point (-82.513 37.5348)41501606.437.5500

376 North Main Street, Stanton, KY

Point (-83.856961 37.850857)40380606.663.4360
45 Roberts St, Somerset, KY
Point (-84.5835645496845 37.0978239923716)42501606.679.4416

​107 McDowell Street, Mt. Olivet, KY

Point (-84.0521 38.5189)41064606.724.5222

120 Richmond St., Mount Vernon, KY​

Point (-84.3261 37.3528)40456606.256.1841

730 West Main Street, Morehead, KY

Point (-83.4396 38.2298)40351606.784.8954

​69 Herriford Curve Road, Jamestown, KY

Point (-85.1275 36.9448)42629270.343.2181

311 Boone Station Rd., Shelbyville, KY​

Point (-85.2274 38.2358)40065502.437.8000

1880 N Bypass Road, Campbellsville, KY​

Point (-85.3866 37.3962)42718270.465.4191
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