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2018 LivingWell Promise 

If you chose one of the LivingWell plans for 2018, you must complete a biometric screening or your online Health Assessment between January 1 and July 1, 2018.

In 2018, whether a member completes their LivingWell Promise or not, they will have access to both the LivingWell and Standard plan options. However, only members who completed their LivingWell Promise in 2017 will have the opportunity for discounted insurance premiums based on 2018 plan rates when they elect a LivingWell plan for 2018.

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A biometric screening consists of lab work to measure your cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, and height, weight and waist circumference to learn about your Body Mass Index (BMI). For more accurate results, fast for at least nine hours prior to the test.

Click here to find a biometric screening location near you.  If you choose to use your primary care physician (PCP), copay and lab fees may apply.

Go365 rewards 2,000 Bucks and 2,000 Points for a biometric screening and an additional 2,000 Bucks for results that are in healthy ranges.

The health assessment can be completed online ​or by using the Go365 App on your smart phone.
For instruction on how to register for Go365 and complete your health assessment please click here.

Go365 rewards up to 250 Bucks and 250 Points for a health assessment and an additional 250 Bucks if completed in the first 90 days of the promise period.

Only the planholder is required to complete the LivingWell Promise.  If you have the cross-reference payment option, you and your spouse both must complete the biometric screening or health assessment. By fulfilling your promise, you will continue to receive discounted premiums in 2018.

New employees who elect a LivingWell plan after January 1, 2018 must complete the biometric screening or health assessment within 90 days of the effective date of their coverage.

Once you are logged into your Go365 account and on the Dashboard page, scroll down to find the Achievements tile and click on “View Achievements.” On this page you can download and save your “Achievements report PDF,” or view the date that you completed your Health Assessment or Biometric Screening.

If you have your biometric screening done at your primary care physician, you must submit proof to Go365. Find the form here.

If you have concerns or issues related to completing the H​​ealth Assessment for your LivingWell Promise, contact customer service at 855.478.1623 or visit the Go365 Community.

  Results do not affect your health insurance coverage or premiums.