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Flu Shot FAQs

What is a participating provider?

Participating providers are those medical providers who accept Anthem health insurance and pharmacies who accept CVS. 

Search for Anthem participating medical providers.

Search for participating pharmacies by logging in to your CVS account .

Note: The online lists may not include all participating providers. Members are encouraged to call their pharmacy or medical provider to confirm they are a participating provider.

Do I need my Anthem health insurance card to get a free flu shot?

Yes. Members will need to present their Anthem health insurance card to the pharmacy or medical provider in order to receive a free flu shot.

I am a waiver and do not have KEHP health insurance. Can I still receive a free flu shot?

No, however, if you are a participant in the Waiver HRA, you can pay for your flu shot with your WageWorks card.

Does it matter where I get my flu shot?

Yes, you can only receive a free flu shot at a participating provider location, or at one of the four LivingWell Health Clinics in Frankfort if you are a State employee.
Note: Dependent flu shots are not covered at the LivingWell Health clinics, however if dependents are covered under your KEHP insurance plan they may see a participating provider.

How do I get 200 Go365 Points?

Automatically, when you receive your flu shot at your physician's office or other participating medical provider. Medical providers have the ability to 'talk' to the Go365 claims database, so your flu shot code will automatically be recognized and you will get 200 Go365 Points in your account after the claim is received.

Manually, if you get a flu shot at a retail pharmacy or at a non-medical participating provider. You will need to submit proof to Go365 to receive your 200 Go365 Points.

            • Save the proof of participation to your Desktop. Such as​ a copy of the Explanation of Benefits stating the date of service; the physician claim form indicating the relevant CPT codes or medical record; or a certificate documenting the date and service for the flu shot. 
            • Log in to Go365
            • Click on Activities
            • Scroll down and select "Get a flu shot"
            • Complete the online submission form.  (You will need proof of activity.)

Your Points will be shown on your Go365 statement once processed by Go365.

Can each dependent on my health plan receive Go365 Points for getting a flu shot?

Yes. Adults members (18+) receive 200 points for a flu shot, children (0-17) receive 100 points for a flu shot. For example, a family of four (two adults and two children), who are all KEHP members, can receive 600 Go365 Points for getting a free flu shot!​